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    me online

    I am Lenny, I dabble in a few things.

    Below is probably more relative to my online web presence
    ... as opposed to my offline web presence.

    Youtube features my various videos of work;
    short films, animation, stop motion, comedy and anything else.

    ModDB & IndieDB. These have changed up recently,
    all games should be on both ModDB and IndieDB.

    Android games can be found on Google Play
    and Amazon (possibly soon to be removed).

    I have various blogs on blogger/blogspot.
    Suction Cup Hands a blog which is basically only featuring Quake 3 Arena modding tutorials.
    Do It On Linux a slow progressing blog about completing various tasks on gnu/linux.

    I've started an "oldweb" version of my website on the nonSSL version of this same web url
    (http://www.suctioncuphands.com) which should be compatible with older web viewers.